It did happen fast.  One minute we were looking at the Memorial Day weekend…suddenly we are well past Independence Day and heading for the Dog Days of August.  I do love it.  The hot sweltry nights sitting on my deck.  I sit there and gaze up at the night sky while the cacophany of night sounds surround me, along with the evening cloak of humidity, reminding me that there are people that don’t get DC summer!

Key the music, boys….the best part is that the traffic is miniscule compared to the ‘school year’ stuff.  If I can go from Springfield to the Lee Highway office in twenty minutes down 395?  Hot damn, summer’s in the city!  Everyone is on the beach.  In the mountains.  Anywhere but here!  That is so….

….wait.  I am here.  It isn’t wrong.  Taking advantage of slower days…and longer nights…makes it possible for us to survive the short days and cold nights ahead.  This weekend I ran for the first time after my little Bobble Head moment a month ago.  It felt SO good.  For some sweating is not exactly high on their priority list; I completely get that.  When I am working if I am drenched like I just climbed out of the pool like (I’d say Mark Spitz but that would make me sound, uhm, old) Michael Phelps, it just doesn’t convey the right image.  So I try and keep that side of me outside of the work realm.  I can tell you, however, that once you learn to embrace a real hard-working sweat…you can handle ANYTHING.

Summer’s hot here at @ RE/MAX Allegiance. Gwen’s welcoming in Heather Carlson in Franconia…..I’m delighted that Sharon Jones is coming on board in Lee Highway…and Deb has a couple things stirring slightly farther south.  Oh…and you Virgina Beach/Chesapeake folks?  Say hello to Regina Bishop.  You will be so glad that you said hi to her! 

I’ve had some hysterical laugh moments with folks in the last few days that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Big people, middle people and little people.  It has just been a good few hot days.

In the meantime, I am going enjoy the lighter traffic in the DC world.  I know that as we get beyond Labor Day we are….baaaackkkk….innnnnn…..the reallll….world.

So let summer lovin’ happen too fast.  The living is easy.  Embrace the time.  The leisure.  The frogs in the evening.  I changed my FB picture back to a pic of me and the G during (one of) the blizzard last year.  Cooled me right on down.

Let me pour you some of my Mama’s Iced Tea.