Have you ever thought about what you could do if you could go back to this, that place, any place that meant something to you in your life?

Occasionally those opportunities arise and we see them.  We recognize them.  We know that we should seize them.  But time is a factor.  Everything is a factor.  So we turn our heads and pretend that we just don’t see.  Carry on!  Good and faithful servant! 

But what are we really told?  Stop.  Today I smelled rain coming in.  I could see it coming in from the clouds approaching me.  I could hear it coming in.  Rumbles of thunder.  But the rain itself?  I smelled it coming in.  And what a glorious reminder it was.  Stop, Ellen Girl, as my Daddy would say.  Look and listen and feel….he taught us all of that as we grew up.  I know I’ve mentioned that I’m one of many.  So imagine poor Mom getting us all to bed in her very scheduled way….which was a feat that should be noted by many, including Guiness….and my dear old dad, would be reading.  Almost like that hound dog, Snuff, he’d sense that storm coming.  And much to my oh-so-patient mother’s “amazement”, he’d go roust us out of bed on these sorts of summer evenings to watch the storm roll in.  Teach us to count the distance between Thunder and Lightening….keeping us safe from direct lightning strikes.  (or perhaps he was trying to rid himself of some college tuitions….nah…..not my dad).  He taught, they taught; me to learn to pause.  Feel this world around you and the pulses it provides.  Learn from what we have shown you.

To learn to appreciate what you have one must learn to see.  It isn’t neat and clean in my world.  Anna’s  left me.  I have to clean up the disaster before she comes home on Monday.  Toilet bowl rings.  Cat hair.  Dog hair.  My hair. Once you get beyond the ‘stunning inefficiency’ of my life…you would grip that I used to really care about this immaculate life.  So much so that even I recognize the change.  I’m not hoarding cats.  I’ve promised Anna that.  Only one cat at a time.  EVER! 

In everyone’s life a little rain must fall.  Yes, I know, I should google it and give credit.  Here’s credit:  I am quoting it from someone else that is famous.

It has been a bit rainy here in my life over the last 24 hours, life happens over and over again unceasingly.  But every night the frogs sing to me their glorious “Hey, Baby” songs.  (I make this up as I go along, but those frogs….they are doing some sort of chatting!).  I’m tired.  Fighting a battle that seems to never quite end. 

Interestingly enough, I have a smile on my face.

Carpe diem.  Seize the day.  I totally understand what that means.  I did it.