Hi!  It says I can put my life story OR a page about my dog here.  I don’t think so.  The story is pretty traditional…I work, therefore I pay my bills (mostly).  If you knew my dog you would understand why he doesn’t need his own page.  He may get a mention here now and again, but it will most likely be a sordid tale.

I’m the original contributer to this blog, along with some of my cohorts.  It is an opportunity to share some information, ask some questions, hopefully deliver some answers.  I am a former Realtor; now working in Career Development…(ask me, and I’ll show you why you want to develop your career with RE/MAX Allegiance).  I enjoy my job…a lot.  I work with some fantastic people who really give me a long leash that I hopefully won’t hang myself with.  We laugh a lot together and generally are working towards a common goal of bringing the best talent to share our successes with.  As we say at RE/MAX Allegiance…you are working for yourself but not by yourself.

RE/MAX Allegiance, the world’s number one selling RE/MAX company, is licensed in VA, MD, DC and NC.


One Response to “About”

  1. Holly Says:

    Hey! Thanks for coming by and visiting the blog this morning. Ed is a great guy and I’m honored he’d suggest it.

    I hope, if you enjoyed your moments in my garden, you’ll come back again. Wander, if you will, through my back posts and it will give you a flavor of who I am and what I’m all about with Your Mother Knows!

    Thanks again! I hope to hear from you soon and say hello to Ed!

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