It’s been a good week.

I got up about six-ish Monday.  My bedside table clock is set for fifteen minutes later.  Roll your eyes.  I already have done it.  Sometimes I forget to put my cell on vibrate and therefore get various dings/bells/whistles for things that I don’t even understand how to open.  But I do have some sort of weird internal alarm that has me on doze button about twenty minutes before the real deal.

Someone that knows me well had already texted me…good morning…..about two seconds before I realized I was awake.  Some0ne else (GWENNNN!) hoped I would drive safe and don’t text when I’m driving.  Oh heck.  You guys are taking all the fun out of a Monday roadtrip.  Seriously?

Heigh ho, heigh ho….it is off to work I go.  Starbucks coffee (with a straw so I don’t need to go  to buy a way-too-good-looking shirt)….(don’t suck in too fast, it will burn the whoknowswhatsit out of the back of your throat.  Just a friendly tip from me to you)

Long day.  Fun day.  LOVED meeting Regina, our great recruiter down there in Hampton Roads.  She will make us all proud, no doubt…not to mention she is an awful lot of good stuff to work with.  A personal favorite, Amy Carder, makes life a little fun for me.  And that puts her up in my fave list!  She brought Regina to  RE/MAX Allegiance’s  attention…and absolutely yes….Regina will build upon our already successful stuff.

Fast forward to today, Thursday.  Big storms blew in.  Trees blew down.  I sat in my car watching literal sheets of rain wash it clean.  There was no way-no how I was going to get out into that.  Especially since I no longer own a functioning umbrella.  Besides…great coversations can be had in cars when you can’t drive because you can’t see but the a/c is working so you are just relishing the quiet little slice of heaven. 

RE/MAX International’s Broker/Owner Conference starts on Sunday…so off to Denver I go.  Seventeen of the Broker-Owners/Managers/Staff will be heading out there.  It is going to be a really great event with a lot of networking, bonding, laughing…and perhaps a karaoke session?  One never knows.   I will miss my three trusty readers while I am gone.  Perhaps I’ll even get really crazy up there in that altitude and I’ll take fun pictures and post and blog from there.  My friend, Brian, says I’m really going to enjoy the running there.  Was he kidding me?  I’m really looking forward to finding out. 

Colorado will be a new state for me, but it won’t accomplish the dream I’ve established with someone.  Two down, forty eight GREAT ones to go!!!!  Next convention:  Vegas, March 2011!  At least that will be three!

Let the good times roll.


You know who you are.

Last year I even confessed that I’d broken two of the Seven Deadly Sins because of you.  I was patient, ever patient.  I even pretended that I was ok with what you were doing.  Yesterday, however, you broke my heart.  YOU, Steve Jobs, YOU and your lousy iPhone.  You teased me with 4G, and I am already with the 4G network, so wasn’t that a bit misleading?  You are staying with AT&T?  Say what?  Steve, you hurt me for the last time.  I’m finished with you.

I’m going to buy a Droid.  Yes, Steve, a Droid.  And I bet I’m going to love it even MORE than your stupid iPhone.  Because let’s face it:  Who needs to be able to play Farmville on the road?  If you do and you are reading this, I am sure that there are support groups that can help you.

I do need a smart phone.  We all do in this business.  If you aren’t running around with a smart phone, quite frankly you are losing business.  RE/MAX Allegiance has brought our company website mobile.  We will even provide you with the technology to bring your personal website mobile.  How cool will your tech-savvy clients think you are then?  Need access to your transactions?  DocBox-to-Go.  Yours.  Here you go.  Thank you for being an associate.  Now go take that vacation on the beach.  You work smarter, not harder with us.

And Steve?  You, the iSisters and iBrothers, Brian Block, Davidson….you all enjoy your iPhones on a sketchy network.  I’m Droiding you.

My good friend, Brian Block, whipped out his calculator yesterday and did some simple math using figures from RISMedia and the Power Broker Survey.  If you doubt his work, check out this month’s REAL ESTATE magazine, published by RISMedia.

Here is just a little tidbit from Brian’s blog:  

RE/MAX Allegiance is ranked #22 in the country by total sales volume with sales of $2,598,955,784.

RE/MAX Allegiance transacted this volume of sales with a total of just 657 agents in 23 offices.  We’re not a small company by any measure, but let’s look at some other numbers.

Every single brokerage that sold more real estate than RE/MAX Allegiance had more agents.  The next smallest company ranking ahead of ours in sales volume had over 1,100 agents.

Sure, some of the companies ranked ahead of us in sales volume had mega amounts of sales, but consider the following.

RE/MAX Allegiance vs. Long & FosterLong & Foster Real Estate had a sales voume of $21,779,927,000.  That’s over 8X as much volume as RE/MAX Allegiance.  However, Long & Foster has almost 19X as many agents at 12,405 total agents.

That means the average Long & Foster agent sold $1,755,737 of real estate in 2009 while the average RE/MAX Allegiance agent sold $3,955,792.

 And, since I know you were wondering… the top Keller Williams brokerage on this list — Keller Williams Realty in Dallas with 12 offices and 1,578 agents — sold a total of $2,129,074,428 in sales volume or an average of $1,349,223.

BOTTOM LINE:  With almost $4 million in sales for 2009, the average RE/MAX Allegiance agent is anything but average!

You can read Brian’s blog here.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  I, for once, am at a loss for words.

‘General’ Larry Platt, the 62 year old phenom of American Idol last week, really got his point across about the state of dress in our world.  Anyone who would get up there and buck the system gets my admiration.  You rock, Brother Larry!

While I run I often compose random posts in my head.  I go over conversations I’ve had with people in recent days; things that I’ve read on the internet; songs that I’ve heard…you get the picture.  Occasionally I even remember my thread when I get home to write it down.  Tonight’s run was fortunately (or not, depending on your angle) was a ‘memorable’ run.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having tea with just the most interesting woman.  We hit it off and I think next time we’ll even graduate to a glass of wine.  If we can laugh ourselves silly in a oh-so-serious Starbucks, imagine us with a beverage!  Our conversation circled the globe.  She was eight when she had her son; I was twelve.  It is amazing how fabulous we both look at thirty!  And then it happened.  The discussion about the dreaded head shot.

You know the one…the one on your business card.  The one that when you hand it to people they look at it, at you, back at it, and then shrug as if they don’t want to tell the poor old geezer that leisure suits went out a few days ago.  Check out some of the web pages of your favorite Realtor friends.  Do them the professional courtesy…if their head shot is obviously more than two years old…perhaps it is time to direct them to Paul Pavot or Shane Hinkel if you are in the northern Virginia area.  They’ll set you straight!

Let me illustrate this for a moment if you will….Brian Block, Esq.this lovely gentleman is a good friend of mine.  We do soup together on as regular a basis as one would do soup.  His name is Brian Block.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is a head shot.  Classic, professional.  Looks good on a business card.  And if you are daring enough to put it on your For Sale sign…it speaks volumes into the kind of answer you are going to get for that phone call to the listing agent.

Brian’s picture says “Trust me.  I will help you.  You are in good hands.”

I would buy or sell my home with Brian.  Even if we weren’t friends.  Unlike example number two he doesn’t really look like he’s holding his inmate number just outside of camera range.

Example number two:  This guy is great.    But he kinda sorta needs a hair cut and a ‘stache trim and perhaps a wardrobe update.  His pants CERTAINLY are not on the ground, but he was definitely stylin’ in his time.  But my dear sir, let me introduce you to some awesome photographers.  I promise, they won’t hurt you.  You may want to consider a hair cut.  The blown back look, you may not know is way passe.  Out.  Fini.

My personal favorite, and since I’ve lived in several different areas over the course of my life….was the Realtor in the St. Petersburg, Florida whose picture was definitely one that said, ‘Come hither, my sweet.’  I often wonder what her clients thought she was selling because it surely didn’t look like their house….let me see what I can find….oh wait a second…I think this might illustrate my point:  


Need  I say more?  The moral of this little post is let’s put our best foot forward.  We don’t want to be a YouTube joke for our pictures.  Our image…is so important!  I love to laugh.  Even at myself.  Especially at myself.  But I want to look like me, the me that  I am today…even if the yesterday picture DIDN’T have the double-chin PhotoShopped out.

So if you pull out your card and if your picture looks like your graduation photo from high school.  In 1979.  We can fix that.  Right, JW?

Indeed.  Dipped.  I was meeting with some great folks in my Reston office yesterday (stand by for a welcome!), and I ran into Kathy Dipp.   She offered me this:  endearmintsThat is an Endearmint.  Kathy got them when she was a missionary in Guatemala from some dear friends of hers who are African missionaries.  I’m not sure if they exist only anywhere but here.  But they are addictive.  Thanks, Kathy.  Just what I need, another addiction.  My daily diet coke is bad enough.

Anyhow, all that babbling aside, Kathy pointed out that my blog had been somewhat, ahem, quiet lately.  Sorry!  I’m sure my other three readers have been so busy that they haven’t noticed.  But I have an excuse.

I’ve been busy.  And it was the end of summer.  I didn’t get to take any time off this summer, but I pretended to by not worrying about the blog for a week or so.  School started and I had to get the most energetic and enthusiastic junior in high school back into the groove.  It isn’t easy being that joyful and perky at 6AM.  I tell you; he’s really, really thrilled that summer vacation is over and he’s back at the desk.  The halls of West Springfield High School can barely contain his enthusiasm.

My aforementioned video is out.  I look like a beast.  You can see it here.  Brian was so thrilled that he’s even posted it on YouTube.  Why would he do that to me?  I thought we were friends!  And that story that the camera adds ten pounds?  A lie.  Complete fabrication.  It adds at LEAST twenty five.  All kidding aside, if you want McLean…you get Brian’s incredible social networking skills and me in one fell swoop!  What a bargain!

So Kathy, my dear faithful friend, I’ve now posted a singularly boring blog.  It would be much much better if I’d had my daily DC, but that would involve getting out of my pajamas.  It’s raining.  Hard.  I even slept under my comforter last night.  I could have stayed in bed until noon if I hadn’t had to curb my son’s high school enthusiasm at 6AM.

Stand by for happy hour announcements.  (Mark your calendars for Wednesday, 17 September….all you partiers in Burke/Fairfax and what not!)

Today’s Friday which means Sunday is Redskins day!  Wooo hoooooo!  Sunday means Glory Days, 4:15, cold beer and wings.  Save your receipts and send them to me…I’ll make sure they get to Diane Johnson.  Glory Days is donating  ten percent of sales to fight neuroblastoma and children’s cancers….You can read about it here.  Let’s help Diane raise funds that will make a difference.  No child should have to suffer like that; and I hope that no more mothers have to bear that loss.

I’m done.  I’m out.  I’ve got to go to Reston and break into the Dipp’s office so I can steal more mints.  This might be a serious addiction.  The Dipp should be afraid.

It is very, very safe to assume that Meryl Streep and I will not ever be photographed together smiling brilliantly at the camera as our names are called  during the Academy Awards list of Best Actress Nominees.  No, that fame will go solely to Meryl.

FilmingWhy do I know this?  Today I spent my morning WORRYING about being filmed for a little ‘short’ about RE/MAX Allegiance.  Then I spent  part of my afternoon literally sweating from the nerves of having to smile, keep my chin down, no….look here, not there….and “that was great, now say it again”.  Say what again?  I don’t remember what I said the first time!  Was I supposed to memorize a SCRIPT?  No?  Just be brilliantly sassy and charming and informative.  Oh, is that all?  Well heck…THAT I can do.*

But guess what I learned about myself?  I rock!  Seriously.  That is what the Director and his Producer (Tarentino and Berg, obviously), told me.  I rock.  I blushed.  I was so pleased.  I felt like I could drop this recruiting schtick for the big screen.  I.  Rock.

Then Quentin and Peter told me to stand still and stop rocking on my feet.  Oh.

i rock. 

Stay tuned for the date of the Worldwide Premier of ME!

*I did have a co-star, Brian Block.  Also some walk-on, silent roles with Jake Sullivan and Craig Richardson.  But I was the female lead, the STAR of the show.  Because I Rock.


I am guilty of at least two of the seven deadly sins…envy and sloth.

Saturday night.  Let me explain.

I am one of a few thousand siblings.  Slightly over exaggerated, but hopefully you three readers are used to that by now.  I have three sisters.  They call themselves the iSisters.  Yes.  They do.  Note….I am NOT an iSister.  The only one left out.  Three of my brothers (there are more, but it matters not) are also iSiblings.  Get where I am going here?  They all own, and RAVE incessantly about that dumb little iPhone. iphone  And to make matters even more upfront and personal, Brian, Amy and Davidson are iAssociates.  And they talk stuff all the time about this lovely app and that lovely app.

I however, am stuck at Sprint with five phones on my service so the disconnect fee would be PROHIBITIVE.  And because I envy the iPeople everywhere….I had to go out and purchase the Palm Pre….an albeit lesser phone.  OK…it serves my purpose to be available too many hours of the day and I can do that fun little ‘big’ and ‘small’ thing with my fingers that iPeople get to do. It is phun (sorry), but I still want the iPhone.  I envy my sisters and their exclusive iSister phone club.  It just is so unfair…the monopoly.

I know Susan Mekenney wants us all to donate to RPAC…but what about a grassroots movement to FREE THE iPHONE for people with cell phone envy?  Who’s with me here?

Sloth.  That is the other thing.  My dear colleague, Gwen, has been waiting for me to call her back all day.  But I couldn’t.  I was just so darn busy with everything hammock2that was going on today.  I just couldn’t get another thing on my plate.  It was too much.  You have no idea how much stuff I got accomplished today.  It was amazing.

I weeded.  My herb garden.  Which is vaguely hysterical because there are two herbs in it and the rest perennials.  The rest of my herbs are in pots.  OH!  And I put down mulch.  My goal was to get the half yard of mulch out of the middle of my driveway (uhm, hello?  Could you have put it ANYWHERE else?).  I shovelled a bunch of it to mulch my herb garden.  At least a dozen shovelfuls.  It was exhausting work.

My mind occupies so much of my life.  Gwen and I have a bit of a project to accomplish over the next several weeks, and we are sitting around like deer in the headlights (sorry, Gwen, I’ve thrown you under the bus on this…dragging you down with me), getting motivated in HOW we are going to pull it off.

It might not appear that I’m guilty of envy and sloth.  Right?