It’s been a good week.

I got up about six-ish Monday.  My bedside table clock is set for fifteen minutes later.  Roll your eyes.  I already have done it.  Sometimes I forget to put my cell on vibrate and therefore get various dings/bells/whistles for things that I don’t even understand how to open.  But I do have some sort of weird internal alarm that has me on doze button about twenty minutes before the real deal.

Someone that knows me well had already texted me…good morning…..about two seconds before I realized I was awake.  Some0ne else (GWENNNN!) hoped I would drive safe and don’t text when I’m driving.  Oh heck.  You guys are taking all the fun out of a Monday roadtrip.  Seriously?

Heigh ho, heigh ho….it is off to work I go.  Starbucks coffee (with a straw so I don’t need to go  to buy a way-too-good-looking shirt)….(don’t suck in too fast, it will burn the whoknowswhatsit out of the back of your throat.  Just a friendly tip from me to you)

Long day.  Fun day.  LOVED meeting Regina, our great recruiter down there in Hampton Roads.  She will make us all proud, no doubt…not to mention she is an awful lot of good stuff to work with.  A personal favorite, Amy Carder, makes life a little fun for me.  And that puts her up in my fave list!  She brought Regina to  RE/MAX Allegiance’s  attention…and absolutely yes….Regina will build upon our already successful stuff.

Fast forward to today, Thursday.  Big storms blew in.  Trees blew down.  I sat in my car watching literal sheets of rain wash it clean.  There was no way-no how I was going to get out into that.  Especially since I no longer own a functioning umbrella.  Besides…great coversations can be had in cars when you can’t drive because you can’t see but the a/c is working so you are just relishing the quiet little slice of heaven. 

RE/MAX International’s Broker/Owner Conference starts on Sunday…so off to Denver I go.  Seventeen of the Broker-Owners/Managers/Staff will be heading out there.  It is going to be a really great event with a lot of networking, bonding, laughing…and perhaps a karaoke session?  One never knows.   I will miss my three trusty readers while I am gone.  Perhaps I’ll even get really crazy up there in that altitude and I’ll take fun pictures and post and blog from there.  My friend, Brian, says I’m really going to enjoy the running there.  Was he kidding me?  I’m really looking forward to finding out. 

Colorado will be a new state for me, but it won’t accomplish the dream I’ve established with someone.  Two down, forty eight GREAT ones to go!!!!  Next convention:  Vegas, March 2011!  At least that will be three!

Let the good times roll.


I have tried.  Really, really tried.  My dear mother reinforced the Golden Rule, if you have nothing nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.

But Moooooommmmm.  What if it just isn’t fair and equitable?

Case in point:  Job Loss Protection

I’m really proud that RE/MAX Allegiance is allied with Bank of America and BofA offers its clients buyer protection.  Yes, indeed, you have to use BofA to get it.  But heck….they are paying for it.  It is a pretty sweet product….very simple in its terms….should the primary on the loan lose their job, the mortgage is paid for up to twelve months.  Even more likely, should the primary be in the hospital for more than two nights, the mortgage is paid for that month.  Nice.  Isn’t it?  You can even ask Matt Delaney, one of the BofA loan officers we use, in case you don’t believe moi!

So part of my job is making sure I know what everyone else is doing in the world.  Ok.  Drama.  Not The World.  My world.  I read about other companies’ programs, benefits to their buyers and sellers, the values that they offer their associates.

It was with some trepedition that I first read about Long and Foster’s Buy Confident program.  I liked the name.  It made me think of swaggering, broad-chested men heading off into battle.  Hey…I’m a girl.  I think like that.  Too many bad novels.  When I got to the part where they brought up their coup d’etat, Job Loss Protection.  I was downright riveted.

And then stunned.  And then aghast.  And then, yes.  I had to laugh.  Because of the nature of the program.  It goes far, but falls far far short from the environment that we Realtors work in, especially in the northern Virginia, Tidewater, and Maryland areas.

Only on select Long and Foster listings.  Seller funded ($500 at my latest google search)..when the seller is already being taxed by concessions being asked on the transaction.  Up to six months.  And so forth.  And so on.  And on.

Until we get to this part.  No self-employed 1099’s.  You cannot own more than ten percent (10%) of the company.  And…no active military.  What?  No what?  Active military?  What were they thinking?  How much of a community gift is that?

I can get the no 1099’s.  Can’t fire yourself.  But BofA recognizes that most of us 1099’s are legit…and they cover us.  (yeah us, Realtors, we’re 1099s…we be self-employed.  Making our decisions for ourselves about our business wants and needs.  Don’t forget it!). 

But active military?  Was that plan derived in Okolona, Arkansas where (if there is, I’m apologizing up front) little to no active military in their hundred person population).  This is NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION.  This is the NORFOLK/TIDEWATER area.   The lifeblood of this area….the part that America rests safe in….IS the active military corps.

I would be ashamed to tell clients that ‘everyone but you’.  Or sorry, you like the “other” house.  It isn’t covered.

Buy Confident?  I don’t think so.  Sorry, Mom.  I just really, really don’t think so.

I am bad.  Very bad.  It has been five days since I’ve  posted.  And I could say so many things about how great it was to watch old friends’ successes in life as they assumed command of wonderful places but that isn’t why I am here.

I am so sorry, my one reader, for letting you down.  Lots HAS been happening in our world.  It involves summer.  And whatnot.

I could say that Amy Carder is in charge of the the great Tidewater area.  But I won’t.  Oh.  I already did. Sigh. 

She’s pretty enormously gifted in letting me sigh and giving her the heat.  🙂

I haven’t been down to the beach in a while.  Life.  Happens.  Whatever.  So…..anyhow….went down and saw some GREAT signs….for RE/MAX Allegiance!  They definitely have a place out there on the beach.  I actually was in SandBridge (Sand Bridge….oh dear, help me, before Amy does, help me pronouce the name.

I wanted so much to stay.  Uhm.  Like.  Forever.  And couldn’t.  But LOVED the opportunity to be with some great people, see an amazing peaceful place in the traffic jam we call earth.

So sorry, one reader, that I’ve left you wondering if I’ve fallen off the face of the planet.  Little did you know that my sunburn attests to the fact that I met it head on!